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  • I tracked down my Craigs List stalker

  • By: StitchShifter Added: 08-29-14

    I tracked down my cyber stalker Tuesday Aug 26 14.
    Back in June, the same week I got a lot of work, I had a guy call me about 2 boat cushions for a used boat he bought. I told him I was very busy and that I probably would not be able to get them done. He said it wasn't a super big deal but it would be nice to have them.. He called a couple more times and each time I told him they were not done and I still didn't know exactly when I could get to them. The last time we spoke he said the boat would be at the mechanics one more week. I told him I would TRY to get them done.
    THREE weeks later he calls me and asks if I got them done and I said no. The guy started going crazy and yelling on the phone and telling me I was a lazy bum that didn't want to work, ..why do you run ads if you don't want the work?? etc etc..
    I wished him luck and hung up the prone.
    About two weeks ago I was on the phone with my web admin and he told me I had a smear ad against me on CL so I went and looked.
    By the story I remembered the guy and the cushions. I had the patterns sitting right here. I had his name but no phone* number. I Googled the name and found a financial adviser for a big financial company I will not name. I called the number and got a voice mail recording that gave me his cell #. At exactly 9:00 A.M. on the dot I texted a pic of the ad and the message "Do you know this is illegal?'
    He texted back immediately confirming it was his ad and how the truth hurts. I asked if this was how he advised people. He replied that he advised people not to work for lazy jerks hence the ad. He hammered back texts all day.
    I called his supervisor at work and explained the situation and was told it was a private matter and didn't involve her or work but she would talk to him.
    TEN minutes after the call ended I had a new text that said "Nice try laziness won't succeed by trying to harm others at work"..
    Now this is from the financial adviser at the Bank Of America building who has had a smear campaign against my business for two months.
    I tried calling the supervisor back but got a secy that said she was away from her desk. I left a message but got no return call. I was working in the shop making some parts so after a while I called back. I got the super on the phone and told her he was continuing to text me throughout the day calling me names and harassing me.
    After that conversation ended I went to the computer and refreshed the CL ad (about 3:30 P.M.) and saw it was now a new edited ad. Longer and with much of the same rhetoric he texted me with the update time (updated 3 hours ago).
    I called the super back immediately and told her of this development and asked if he was in the office today and she confirmed he was. I told her he had updated the ad during the day and even it explained how I called his boss and how he had the right to free speech etc etc etc with "God bless the internet" at the end just like the messages he sent me. While I was talking to her my phone was beeping because he was hammering me with new texts. She asked what number he was texting me from so I gave it to her and she said she was going to call him on that number.
    I told her he is absolutely doing this from his work and he even said so in the ad. She said "OHH.. Well thank you very much for letting me know this"..
    I went back to work until my GF got home at about 5:00. So I started telling her the story and showed her the ad. Then at about 5:30 I refreshed the page again and it said "This listing has been removed by the author".
    Back in the day I would have gone down to this guys office and dragged him out by his tie and kicked the crap out of him.
    But I handled it with a few phone calls and some saved documents and texts in a calm manner. The whole case just built itself while I was working.
    Like I told the supervisor, I can't believe this is over 2 seat cushions. And how does a college educate fortune 500 company associate get the idea he can do this to someone, and even do it FROM WORK, and get away with it?. AND EVEN ADVERTISING IT ON CL AS HE DOES IT!!!?.
    One of the texts he sent said he would place even MORE ads against me and start a bigger campaign on line.
    I guess looking TOO professional can be a liability in some cases.
    Hey at least when I get cyber stalked or trolled and slandered it isn't by some kid at a car wash, It's by someone driving a Benz and making $150K.

    *On Aug 29 I found where I had his number written on my bench in grease pencil so it was only a matter of time before I found him. But the way I did it through Google search gave me where he workd BEFORE I found out it was actually him. I was just going on a hunch and what I had to work with.

    Once he editied the CL ad to include the part about him updating the ad AT work I had him. to see the image if it isn't below.


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