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  • Author and Singer/Songwriter

  • By: Plush Ethnicity Added: 09-10-14
  • Happy September!  I haven't been on this site much!!  I moved to this house almost 3 years ago and have had some financial ups and downs, but things are much better now!  I had a crummy job, from which I was fired because I guess I did my job too well???? Well, as I said, it was crummy!  So I decided to follow my dream of writing.  A penpal and I wrote a book back around 1991 that was languishing, so about a year ago, I cleaned it up and self-published it through Create Space!  It is called "Wish of Pentacles", (by Wren Hazard and Dennis L. Crabtree).  You can buy it through, or In February I wrote a second book, called "Mindy Peppermint: A Being of Plush Ethnicity".  It's also for sale through and  In the works are a sequel to "Wish of Pentacles" , and at this moment I am composing music for both "Mindy Peppermint" and "Wish of Pentacles".  In fact, today I'm going to finish the first song from "Mindy Peppermint" and get it out into the world.

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