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  • The Routine of a Maryland Heroin Addict

  • By: CosmicJoe Added: 02-15-15
  • I was introduced to Heroin in a pure form at the age of 30 years old by someone I trusted back then but now the person did many malicious things to me so we are no longer friends.Heroin goes by street names for the group or persons selling it.The pure dope I was introduced to was called"Super Buick".for it would make you puke no matter how little you did.I never shot up in my life and snoted it like most people do cocaine.I later got into getting what is called Scramble,which is Heroin cut with other substances.Usually you first have to get friends who go in the city to tell you or show you what dope is available by certain sources and how good it is or give them money for their fix so you can get yours.

      Unless you havea steady job and have money you set aside for the dope fix,you have to get money somehow or else you get dope sick,which is kind of like having a Flu and stomach cramps galore.Once you get hooked on dope,you get Heroin to make you well,not get you high,unless the dope is that powerful or do a lot of it.When I lost my job from missing time when I was too dope sick at times to work.when the dope was bad or had little effects,I had to get the people who also needed money so we could go boosting,which is robbing stores of certain things and selling them at 25 percent of their value to pawn shops.,so if you have a 20 dollar item,you get 5 dollars for it.I never stole anything myself.I was the get away driver and got 50 percent of the intake usually,unless there was more than one person,then we shared it equally.I am not proud what I did back then but when the dope sickness hits you,you need it to survive.After you sell what you heisted,then you can go to the city and find the dope you need.As I said,dope has names.Usually of popular people like Ray Lewis or Harry Potter,but the most went after Heroin in scramble form when I was using was named Hypnotic,which was mainly on the corner of Guilford and Baltimore Street.People would line up in cars to get this and it would run out in under a minute,so you had to be quick about getting in when the crowd comes rushing in if there is only one person handing it out.And hope the Police did not get to them or you before you got you get away.It paid to go with friends because being alone in some of yhose dope holes,you could get beat up,stabbed,shot and killed easily.Doing is every day is very risky and a rush in itself so half the high was successfully getting away from the back alley holes there you had to go to.I was in this never ending game for 10 years and when I was 40,I went myself to a more local hole in Lakeland in Baltimore City and got it myself so I could have more and did not have to buy some for someone lse for getting it for me.What I got,I could not wait to try it,so I snorted some on ythe way to my home,using my sister`s car to drive there,because my car I crashed on the Baltimore Beltway when I had not air conditioning in the Summer and was doped up after a hard days work and ran my car into the walls and damaged my side and wheel well.I am not sure how I drove and remembered not much until I pulled up in my driveway,unable to put in the brakes or gas,I drifted into my nephews car and stopped.I tried to get the key out of the car,but my right side was dead.No feeling at all and I couldn`t get out of the seat belts,so I was stuck there and could not speak.30 minutes later,my niece found me she and my sister put me in my room,asking if I needed help but i could not speak so the left me there.My neighbor 30 minutes later called 911the Paramedics came inand took me away to University Hospital,where they told me after I was conscious I had a stroke.So who dod you think was waiting at that hospital?3 people a promised I would ride to the city to get their dope.I was out of my head and gave my wallet to my so called friend to give to the girl who I when trusted more than hit,since we had turned from friends to rivals,riding to gthe city to get dope,but his car was broken down,thus he needed me.The girl gave my wallet to my other so called friend who later used it to steall my idenity and get credit cards in my name,while my 2 other friends denied having my wallet so they could get money from me too.It took me a year or two before I remembered what happened.

    Now,I have very little friends and those who back stabbed me,avoid me at all cost and act as if we were never friends since they are still on dope.Epoch House,after my stroke,tried to push Methadone on me ,but the severe stroke combined with an experimental drug they gave me,Narcatrine,I did not want or need Heroin ever again.I was truly born again and was introduced to the ANouveau Tech Societies Book of Secrets,which I bought along with the other 2 boooks,making the 3 set I had seen so many times in Governal offices and the CEO of many companies and those studies made me conscious mInded and gave me the knowledge to be my own boss,and in time,I indent to do just that and Cosmic Joe will overcome the ultimate devaluation I have suffered as of late and will rise to produce great values under an alias identity,for my name is so soiled by those who have value destroyed me and told their friends I am a bad person,that no one really trusts me or what I say yet Karma works many ways and we will see if my knowledge and creations will be remembered now or before I eventually pass on.Baltimore is the Heroin Capital of the USA and half of Maryland wants to move elsewhere.Me included.Can you blame me?

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