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  • The Secret Origin of Cosmic Joe

  • By: CosmicJoe Added: 03-15-15
  • This is all true to my limited memory of took place on several missing time experiences plus being supposedly experimented on,obvious to me,fiction to those of you who have no value for the cosmic truth,which I represent,believe it or not,this is my story.... My mother often told the story of how she birthed me at the hospital where I was born.How when the doctors left for a smoke break,I came out of her all by myself,so when the doctors came back,I had already arrived on this reality.I was a shy kids who never got to play with other kids for my mother kept me in most of my young life,so when I went to kindergarden,it wa sa shock to me and a cowered in the corner until the teacher put me on a toy simulating a car,which reminded me of a toy my father had for the car,which I still have.Somewhere between 1st and second grade,my mother told me to get my two sisters who had gone up the street to see something in the field near my home.As I approached,walked up my dead end street,there was a feel of static electricity in the air, wind storm with no rain,and my sisters motionless as they looked at this object which touched it`s way down on this field.As I looked at it,all bright and shining,mirror like metal with a row of windows in the middle of this ship,flashing multi-colored lights,which when caught my eyes,caused me to blank out,leaving me walking in the middle of the pitch black dark towards my house.When I came back in,my sisters were already there,watching Carol Burnett with my parents,which was on at I was away for at least almost 2 hours.My mother scolded me,at I went to bed.The next day,I kind of remembered the craft and question the neighbor who lived right by that field,but they told me a was crazy so I did not mention what happened for a long time.Next,I developed chicken pox for 5 months,so most of second grade,I could not attend,which I had to do all schoolwork at home.When I was well,in 3rd grade,I was told by my teacher there were a few men to talk to me outside.The new vice principal and two men in black suits and sun glasses were with him.He knelt down to my level,looked in my eyes with some amazement,and told me he wanted me to attend this special class after school,which I had to get permission from my mother to do. So once she did,I was introduced to Gary,who had a dark suit,old man,no dark glasses though,who showed me the layout at the Gym,which had a trampoline and kids playing basketball,which both of which I wanted to do,but instead,they put me in a room with what appeared to be a eye examination machine,which they told me to look through.This process went on for few months before it ended,with Gary telling me not to forget any of what they showed me in the viewer but I had forgotten completely what this was for or what was programmed into me.Then they told my mother that they were making a PBS special which I was to appear in,so she signed papers to that effect,and as I walked onto that same Gym floor,which last week they finally let me jump on that trampoline,which was replaced bya huge,12 foot so called camera,which had a circle of multi-colored lights with one big green light in the center. Facing this machine was a row of desks with one woman in black sunglasses and suit and 6 other men with the same outfits.There were 5 of us including me who had to lay in front of this"camera" and pose the way they ordered us to.The girl in front of me looked terrified at doing this,but once I got under the machine,felt the hum of a ray,on camera I ever felt in my life since,which caused me in a years time,to gain 100 pounds,so I weighed 230 pounds in fourth grade.I was always thin but not any longer. We were then put in a classroom,the 5 of us,sitting at our desks in front of a small trash can.We had to crumble up a piece of paper and throw it in the basket 3 times,which we all did while he put his results down in his journal.Then came the last meeting with Gary,who had a football with him and threw it to me,asking if I liked the game,which I really did not.I liked pro wrestling. He told me he would see me when I was 42 years old,which I wanted to know why,but he never did. I did play football with the kids in my neighborhood. When I got the ball,nobody could take me off my feet,so I ended up dragging my opposing team to a touchdown. One friend was bullying my ten best friend,which he went to punch him,and I got so pissed,I jumped up in the air 8 feet,crashing down in front of him in rage growling,which caused him to high tail it into our neighbors house,hich my family saw,which pleased them. This was not the last time I felt I could control my density.I see many people now,kids on skate boards and such,defying gravity all the time.I am simply a prototype of what all of us can do when we need to,due to us all being experimented on sometime in all our lives but seldom people realize this fact. I did recall ,after my stroke, details of the ship,being touched by the greys or what appeared to be them. I had a few experiences as a sanitation workers which I jumped like an Olympic star when I needed do to avoid injury. When I work as a modular furniture installer,I was a truck with a worker who pissed me off and I jumped from the truck with heavy product and landed gracefully down to the ground,so I could alter the density of what I was holding as well as myself. I met Jack Black on Myspace and told him about my stroke,which he did communicate twice to me. I guess he felt sorry for me as we talked wrestling and I told him I did not know what to get into,so he suggested I start doing video blogs,which I started on YouTube as imyoursavior and then I went to Livevideo,which I got support from other vloggers to do my own thing,which I did video reviews there for 4 years or so,before the sight was hacked by people who caused the sight to go under.before my stroke,I went to all kinds of CEO and governmental offices to install their furniturings,seeing these 3 Nouveau Tech Societies books,which after my stroke,I got invitations to own myself,which one by one,I got when I could afford them.they taught me the meaning of values,both creative and the ones who destroy values to further there agendas,which I still face today.I am shunned on YouTube because of cancer seed people who devalued me and since the are popular,the poisoned my YouTube experience with negatively imposing their opinions about me due to me defending myself against their various value destructions of me and my character.So I now have no wish to go to channels which no longer accept me for who I am,just someone misunderstood and blacklisted by witches who sold their soul which claim they saw the light and have Jesus in their hearts yet their actions against me show their true human nature. This is my continued story,my struggle to be accepted,which failed on every level due to being trashed by those who took me down,down but certainly not out,yet!!

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