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  • By: World News Added: 01-06-17
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    Get 25% off your first order at BULK POWDERS™, home of award-winning Sports Supplements, high-quality protein and health foods, by using the following link:


    After registering with Bulk Powders, perform a search for the following products on their website. The reviews are independently verified so give them a read before placing an order. I always research everything. I'm sure there are other companies out there that supply similar products. Who you buy from is up to you. My experiences are as a customer of Bulk Powders. They have always been reliable and have supported my efforts on social media etc. I am not associated to them in any other way.


    Glucomannan (Konjac)

    This stuff really helped me the last time I tried to sort my shit out. Basically, it makes you feel full.

    I can only speak from my own experience and I found that this really does work. Whether it will work for you or not I do not know so I welcome your feedback if you try it. You mix with water and neck it. Don't leave it to stand as it thickens quickly. You must drink it with plenty of water. I add a bit of orange squash to make it taste a bit nicer.

    For this series I have purchased the Glucomannan (Konjac) tablets.

    Complete Greens

    This powder "contains a massive 24 nutrient dense, super green foods" and is perfect for someone like me who never eats vegetables. It is also available in tablet form. The powder is easier because you have to take quite a few tablets during the day whereas the powder is just one drink. The unflavoured one is the only powder I have used and you really need to neck it in one as it doesn't taste great. I haven't tried the flavoured option as I don't need any yet. At the moment I am using the tablets. The last time I used the powder, I saw a huge improvement. I felt a lot better so I will definitely be taking Complete Greens.

    Sucralose Sweetner

    600 times sweeter than sugar but with ZERO calories! This is FANTASTIC if you normally have sugar in your cuppa! Here's my initial review video about Sucralose

    Here's some info on Sucralose from the NHS

    Additional supplements

    I've also started on the COD LIVER OIL SOFTGELS 1000MG again as my nan swore by cod liver oil when I was a kid and I've also opted for the COMPLETE MULTIVITAMIN COMPLEX tablets because, again, I don't like fruit and veg and feel this is a great way of getting vitamins down me.


    I'm not a health professional at all and I have no such qualifications. I can only talk from my own experiences and research. You should research things yourself and speak to proper medical professionals if you want to lose weight. The above supplements I am using as part of a calorie controlled diet. I'm also trying to become more active.


    My Fitness Pal is a great free app to use to record your meals and to work out remaining calories etc. You can add me as a friend 'duncanoldham' on there. You can keep your weight and meals private etc but it's good to see how others are doing. This app will help keep you on track. I guarantee this app will help you if you are determined.

    A 'Nutri Bullet' is a great item to own. Check the reviews and you will see why I had to buy one I try to have one smoothie a day. I absolutely love this machine and I am so glad I bought it. For someone who won't eat fruit and veg this is perfect for me!

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