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  • Facebook becoming not entertaining

  • By: GamerGlo Added: 01-11-17
  • Facebook is becoming a place to impose political views. Yes for and aginest this or that, pro Trump anti Trump. Love Obama or hate him. Now we all have lots of friends on Facebook, and if you are out to dinner the last thing you want to talk about is your views on politics. 

    I love when My friends post updates and photos of whats going on in their life, or a funny picture or video. even an event that happins in the world. But not News posts every day, like they are keeping us informed. Trust me I am informed and don't go to Facebook to get the news.

    I love sharing videos from # Livevideo TV. and most times it's on our page there. Do yourself a favor be kind don't post every news story you think is interesting or post about your political views. As I respect you views (mabey not agree) but respect. Lets make Facebook a happy place again.

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