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  • Riverdale on the CW Review

  • By: CosmicJoe Added: 01-27-17
  • As I small child, I read Archie Comics and liked the special relationships between the characters,Archie being a somewhat shy boy who liked both Veronica and Betty,with Reggie forever trying to get inbetween them,Jughead was Archies best buddy,and Miss Grundy was a little old school teacher.I put the CW show Riverdale on my DVR list to watch the new exploits of the Riverdale gang but after watching 30 minutes of the hour pilot,I deleted this show my DVR list. They made Miss Grundy a hot school teacher which Archie,an also hot with six pack abs, having sex with Miss Grundy in his car.Reggie is now friends with Archie while Jughead is a reclusive mess.Of course,both Betty and Veronica are hot and so are their parents,Veronica shared a lesbian kiss with Betty as they tried out to be cheerleaders, Veronica said if Betty didn`t become a cheerleader,she wouldn`t be either,so they both became best buddies,which Archie over heard an all black Josie and the Pussycats reheasing,but Josie wanted nothing to do with him and his songwriting, and it seemed as if Archie really wanted sex with every hot babe he saw.He tried out for the football team and got it right away,being hot and ripped and all,and this show is a huge mess of other shows and what our society is and what the writer wants to convey society is right now.As someone who grew up reading these comics,I know they ended the original series with Archie getting murdered when he defended his gay friend.I`m sorry but this whole new series rubbed me the wrong way and I cannot even give it any stars, none out of 5 stars.The direction of what this new show is about has absolutely nothing to do with the original comics and if you don`t want your children to become a soulless shells of inhumanity,please avoid allowing them to watch this totally asinine version of what was truly a great comic.

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